Lingyi Kong

Lingyi is a concept-driven, award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, and art director based in Providence. 

Lingyi's skill set spans from branding design to art practice, with a deep passion for employing multidisciplinary approaches in her work. 

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York. She was also awarded the Commons Grant 2024 from RISD.

Lingyi holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, 
she is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Instagram: HiLingyi
Resume: Here

{Motion Graphic} Going to the sea

Lingyi utilized Touch Designer, Processing, and Cavalry to collect and arrange visuals of waves, eventually transforming the inorganic coding into dynamic visuals.

For the first time, illustration was combined with immersive art, yielding unique expressiveness. The visual generated by coding carried the distinct texture of digital language, opening up possibilities for illustration narratives.