Lingyi Kong

Lingyi is a concept-driven, award-winning graphic designer, illustrator, and art director based in Providence. 

Lingyi's skill set spans from branding design to art practice, with a deep passion for employing multidisciplinary approaches in her work. 

Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and New York. She was also awarded the Commons Grant 2024 from RISD.

Lingyi holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, 
she is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Instagram: HiLingyi
Resume: Here

{Visual Identity-Motion Design} 
Her way home

The visual identity system is designed for the New England Conservatory. 


{Graphic Novel} Goodbye, Icarus

"Goodbye Icarus" is a multimedia work comprising three parts: art book design, illustration, and interactive installation.


{Book Design}  Goodbye, Icarus

A year of coastal life in Rhode Island has provided Lingyi with endless inspiration in terms of design language. 

Lingyi ventured into blending dynamic visuals from TouchDesigner with illustration. The narrative is based on seaside scenery and mythology metaphorical elements, making image programming to capture the essence of waves a focal point and central experiment of the work. 

This exploration seeks to probe the boundaries where design, motion visuals, and illustrative language converge.


{Visual Identity} Make Magic!

Visual series designed for the Young Club bar event in Beijing's Wudaokou, 2020. 

This event visual series marries the nostalgic charm of vintage aesthetics with the dynamic energy of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Lingyi directed the project and created the illustration, online promotion website, and physical materials for the live event.

{Poster Design} Love is Blind

The designer explored the tangible essence of love through the lens of Concrete Poetry in this poster. 

Lingyi transcends traditional narratives by embodying love in a physical form. "Love is Blind" utilizes the visual acuity chart as a metaphor for love's inherent impermanence, loneliness, and illusion of fulfillment. The poster illustrates how love's blindness envelops individuals, leaving them to see only 愛, the traditional Chinese character for love, regardless of clarity or perception. 

The work was showcased at the "Narratives of Love" - The 1st "Of Love" International Poster Biennale, 2023.

{Motion Graphic} Going to the sea

Lingyi utilized Touch Designer, Processing, and Cavalry to collect and arrange visuals of waves, eventually transforming the inorganic coding into dynamic visuals.

For the first time, illustration was combined with immersive art, yielding unique expressiveness. The visual generated by coding carried the distinct texture of digital language, opening up possibilities for illustration narratives.

{Illustration Book} Do Not Put the Apple On Your Head

Lingyi directed the self-published artbook “Do not Put the Apple on Your Head”, launched in 2021, captures her artistic journey across personal series and commercial works over two years. 


{Integrated Design} Euclase Tablet

"Future Archaeology: Euclase Tablet" blends graphic design with historical and futuristic themes, setting up an unreal city in 2027. 

It examines class disparities and marginalized communities' vulnerabilities during crises, questioning historical continuity and societal divides. 

This project won the Outstanding Graduation Design Award in 2022 and was showcased at the University College London and the Central Academy of Fine Arts.


{Integrated Design} The Ash

"The Ash" emerged as a distinctive exhibition curated in June 2022, during a period when stringent lockdown measures blanketed mainland China. 

Isolated in her countryside dwelling, Lingyi was compelled to innovate with the materials at hand. Discovering a roll of automotive repair tape, she sliced it into square segments, repurposing these bits as pixels - the fundamental units of an image.  This creative pivot allowed Lingyi to explore and redefine the interplay between raw materials and design principles. What is the true structure of design? What is the essential part of a visual work? Whether limited by the lockdown, Lingyi found her answer.

Ultimately, this inventive approach culminated in a unique graduation showcase within the confines of her home's garage.